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I was born in Wilmington Delaware and grow up playing the drums. In third grade I received my first drum set from my grandparents and immediately fell in love with rhythm and rhyme. Before rapping I played lead snare in my high school’s marching band, but didn’t truly enjoy what I was doing. It wasn’t until I found rapping that I had real aspirations and real goals to work towards. One day I was low on money and decided I needed to sell something, a mixtape perhaps to my friends at school. It sold successfully through the school earning me over $120 in under a couple weeks. More importantly, I received tons of positive feedback from people I didn’t even know heard my music! I followed up by making two more mixtapes throughout my senior year, and made a name for myself as the dope white rapper who came out of no where. I reached out to T3 Music Group and inquired about recording at their studio. I met Tyler “Tyco” Costanino and the rest was history. That leads up to now where I have my first studio-quality mixtape. I want to show the world that I shouldn’t just be compared to all white rappers, but to everyone involved in the music industry. I’m MadADam- but I’m happy to change the game forever.

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